Most treatments done depend on the patient requirement (time available, treatment comfortability and Affordability) In the long run for gaps between teeth, orthodontics is the best option. If you don't want metal braces you can look at invisible orthodontics - Invisalign or even ceramic braces. If these treatment options are not what you are looking at, you can do a full mouth restoration with root canal and bridge. Finally it depends on what you - the patient wants. We would give you suggestions and options.

We routinely perform advanced immediate loading implants which facilitate fixation of teeth within 3 days of implant surgery, even in situations where there is little or no bone as well as in diabetic patients and smokers. As most of the implant surgical procedures are minimally invasive keyhole procedures, patients recover very fast during the post operative phase and experience minimum discomfort. We have to clinically examine the patient with certain xrays and scans to formulate a treatment plan. The treatment plan will dictate the costs involved.


Wisdom tooth extraction price is always a tricky question and most people do not understand complications associated with it... Unlike a simple extraction wisdom tooth extraction depends on the placement of the tooth and how submerged in the bone it is.

Yes, we do smile correction. The services range from cosmetic treatments (quick) like dental veneers, lumineers or conservative treatments (1 year) like orthodontics. The choice of treatment will be based on the time availability and requirements of the patient

Fast braces takes 4 to 5 months

Normal braces takes about a year

Invisalign also takes about a year

Teeth whitening - this treatment is available at Dental Care centre. You better visit the clinic to know more about the treatment and it's cost.

Dental Care Center we offer various payment methods to keep your visit effortless. We accept both cash and card payments

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